Symposium contents

Day 1: Research status in Jackfruit

1. Commercial cultivation and crop improvement.

2. Promising Jackfruit types and varieties

Day 2: Health and nutritional benefi­ts of Jackfruit

1. Jackfruit in nutritional security

2. Health bene­fits of Jackfruit

Day 3: Jackfruit – the state fruit of Kerala

1. Relevance

2. Potential – employment and economic security

Day 4: Value addition of Jackfruit

1. Product diversi­fication and technologies for value addition

2. Developing marketing network

Day 5: Enhancing Jackfruit in daily food

1. Developing novel cuisines from Jackfruit

2. Special session for women/housewives on utilization of Jackfruit in daily menu

Day 6: Success stories

1. Success stories in Jackfruit utilization and value addition

2. Mechanization and automation in product development

Day 7: Field Tour




Lead speakers for the workshop