International Jack Fest - Programmes

It is planned to organise the following programmes as part of INTERNATIONAL JACK FEST to involve the general public and to extend the reach of the theme.

1. International Symposium on Technology Intervention for Effective Utilization and Marketing of Jackfruit.

2. Training programme (Five days) for women to help them to take up Jackfruit processing as a home-stead based enterprise. The course is free (including food and shared accommodation) for selected participants. The participation will be limited to 20 women who will be selected on-­first come fi­rst-serve basis.

3. One of the most fascinating events will be the Jack feast (Chakka Sadhya) proposed for about 2000 participants. Jack Feast with 18 items prepared from Jackfruit will be served to all the participants on payment of Rs. 100/-

4. During the Jack Fest, it is also proposed to conduct the SEED FEST and a formal get together of the TRIBAL FOLKS of Wayanad to involve the general public and extend the reach of the theme to the weaker section of the society.

5. Three one day training workshops – “Create food diversity with Jackfruit” for housewives to serve Jackfruit to the family in very diverse ways. Sole objective of this programme is to facilitate increase in per capita consumption of Jackfruit.

5. An elaborate exhibition on Jackfruit varieties, demonstration and display of total value added products from Jackfruit, seminars, group discussions, photo exhibition on Jackfruit related activities, and various competitions on Jackfruit cooking and carving

6. An entry fee of Rs. 30 will be charged for entering the "Pooppoli" garden & attend the events

7. Selected cultural programmes will be arranged during the evening on selected days to entertain the participants of the Symposium.

Five day's free training programme for women/house wives - Sponsored by Canara Bank, Wayanad (09.07.18 to 15.07.18)

Topic: ‘‘Homestead based value addition of Jackfruit” for women 

Wayanad with its rich collection of jackfruit varieties and trees forms an ideal backdrop for the conduct of such training. The enormous potential offered by jackfruit and its products are stuck in the bottlenecks due to lack of network and marketing opportunities. The major objective of organizing the training is to create awareness among farmers and the public at large about the enormous potential of jackfruit as a commercial fruit crop in Kerala.


RARS, Ambalavayal is the pioneer in the field of total value addition of fruits and vegetables. We have demonstrated several technologies like commercial production of syrups, jams and pickles from different fruits and vegetables. The station has a well-equipped processing unit capable of conducting short and medium term trainings to various target groups in post-harvest practices of fruits and vegetables. Total value addition of jack fruit is aimed through imparting this training and the trainees will get sufficient exposure for better utilization of their farm produce and generation of additional income. This event has particular relevance since the Government of Kerala has declared jackfruit as our state fruit.

 Training Syllabus:

The duration of training is for five days. On an average, five theory sessions will be imparted. There will be two practical sessions on every day, in FN and AN.

A) Theory:

  1. Introduction to total value addition                                                              1
  2. Skills for Entrepreneurship Development and farm management              1
  3. Product diversification and utilization                                                          1
  4. Marketing strategies and interventions                                                       1
  5. Group discussions, highlighting success stories and case studies            1

B) Practical:

Hands-on practical training will be imparted in the farm and production units on various aspects mentioned in the theory session. This is a practical oriented training and hence majority of the training will be devoted to practical sessions in our food processing lab.

  1. Number of participants: 20
  2. Course fee: NIL
  3. Duration: Five days including holidays